T.A. Cook Consultants offers comprehensive consulting services. We would be happy to assist you whenever it comes to increasing your company's performance. We will work with you to find precisely the right paths for your company to take. The result: you get problem-specific solutions that fulfil the expectations you place on us. See "Consulting" for more about our range of services.

Conferencing & Training

As a consulting firm, we have made it our principle to share our knowledge – whether in a specific consulting project team, at a symposium, a seminar or a workshop. For this reason, one of our highly specialized divisions is "Conference Management". For more than twenty years we have been organizing symposia on specific topics covering all aspects of asset management and operations management. T.A. Cook Consultants' seminar and workshop division offers you a number of proven workshops and seminars. We provide training in topics such as project management and teamwork, key qualifications for managers, TPM and various aspects of SAP. See "Events" for an overview.


The Studies & Research division conducts detailed market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. The focus of the team is to systematically investigate and clarify current market concerns and requirements as well as anticipated developments and their consequences for market players. In addition we compile trend reports and continually expand our database of specialized knowledge, which can be applied to each study as needed. Find more in "Research".