Our Culture

Hands-on. Individual freedom. Mutual respect.

We foster a culture in which, regardless of the demands the working life brings, we remain calm and show respect for one another. As professionals, we treat each other as equals and when problems occur, we address them directly and openly without losing composure. The T.A. Cook experience is a team experience: we support one another and make the effort to recognize and acknowledge our colleagues’ contributions and the shared success it brings.

The project experience shapes us: shared interest in our profession and its requirements, openness towards others, the stimulation of new challenges and the satisfaction of adding real value. Our pragmatic approach means we retain a flexible but focused attitude to how we manage ourselves. As a result, we try to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and keep our internal communications paths open and obstacle-free. T.A. Cook is an environment where everyone, from the management team to our student support team, is approachable and happy to help.