What you can expect from us

At T.A. Cook, we live a culture of trust. Our people take on responsibility right from the start. We do not seek to control: instead, we focus on the outcome of our combined efforts. Our colleagues are the best judges of how they can manage their work to deliver the best results. Whether it means putting your own ideas into practice or having the flexibility to try out different methods during a project, we offer the required room for manoeuvre. We try to avoid unnecessary pressure and bureaucracy. Instead, we maintain just the right environment for experts who don´t believe they already know everything, but genuinely strive for the best.

Come into the T.A. Cook picture
T.A. Cook offers the opportunity step up a notch in a number of ways. Within the project team, each consultant is given tasks which allow him or her to expand and accentuate their strengths. You’ll have the opportunity to broaden your individual knowledge during each project, allowing you to specialize in an environment tailored towards developing its assets.

The personal lives of our colleagues are important to us. So, where possible, we try to offer options which promote and support a good work-life balance. We try to keep administrative procedures as short as possible. We agree upon international assignments with our colleagues instead of just posting them when it’s necessary to go abroad. We trust them to organize their working hours by themselves. And we are proud to be the highly reliable and fair organization which is valued by our people. Their performance is the reason for our good reputation and the success in which we all share.

Take the long view
T.A. Cook has been set up with a view to supporting and retaining its people. Valuing and respecting our colleagues is important to us. We have created a framework in which we all have the chance to build on our skills and expand our careers with a long term perspective. We value diversity of opinions as an opportunity to learn. We encourage open and controversial discussions, while remaining constructive. This also applies to our internal feedback processes. Together, we identify individual potential for development and provide active support through a comprehensive set of on–the-job and off-the-job training programs.